MAKE your guests the"star of your events"

The Idea

EventsInCloud is the unique innovative platform among standard technological communication & marketing solutions
EventsInCloud allows companies , associations and event organizers to create mobile pages in real time in order to interact with the participants through their smartphone or tablet “before, during and after the event” !



EventsInCloud uses as enablers of the platform: QRCode, Social Wifi , iBeacon ( bluetooth sensors ) , NFC and the Short Url to be insert directly in the browser of your mobile device


EventsInCloud enables information, services, promotions, multimedia, surveys, engagement instruments, entertainment and gaming in
" mini-sites " or " web pages” that can be created and managed in real time by staff with no technological expertise

EventsInCloud enables " mini-sites " responsive or optimized for the last generation of Smartphone and Tablet (Android, iOS, Windows ecc.)

Contact us!

Puoi contattarci inviando una email a, telefonando al numero 3663436629, oppure compilando il modulo sottostante.